Chestnut York Leather Fieldnotes Wallet by Hotchkiss Leather

This is a handmade leather Fieldnotes Wallet made from beautiful Chestnut York leather and hand stitched with a light purple twisted thread. There are several brands of notebooks that will fit inside (3.5 x 5.5) Those brands include Fieldnotes, Moleskin, Doane Paper Goods, Guided ReWrite, Goulet Pen Clairefontaine, and more. A standard passport will fit as well in place of the notebook. The two card slots can fit credit cards, drivers license, business cards etc. The pocket behind the card slots can hold folded money, receipts, notes, metro tickets or whatever else you need to stow away. This fits easily in a back pocket, most front pockets, and purses. Price includes 1 Fieldnotes notebook. Fieldnotes color may vary. Free Shipping in the US! This item is painstakingly handmade to order and ships in up to 3-5 days time.


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